Our Activity

Student Achievements

  • Teachers’ training and extra-curricular activities Parental and community involvement Health and hygiene In Bangladesh, students pass PSC and JSC public exams at grades 5 and 8. In 2013, all GLP students (44 in Grade 5 and 29 in Grade 8) passed their exams with success: 95% of the PSC students and 79% of the JSC students got Grade A. Not a single student achieved less than grade B.
  • The drop-out rate is close to zero; the only student who ‘dropped out’ during the past year of 2013 moved to another district.
  • Most of our students will get admitted to the high school programme of Grades 9 and 10.
  • Some of them opt to study for Grades 9 and 10 towards completing their high-school certificate. Whenever possible, and budget permitting, GLP contributes to the costs of their studies with a scholarship.
  • The students with good marks now have the option of attending a vocational training program at UCEP (Under-privileged Children’s Education Program) and learning a new skill for a year and then being apprenticed at the relevant profession. Side by side, they are also attending Grade IX and X in the evening session.

Teachers’ training and extra-curricular activities

  • Teachers regularly attend trainings conducted by expatriate teachers of the International School of Dhaka (ISD) that focus on lesson planning, teaching aids, classroom management, child rights, mathematics, English, group work and mixed ability teaching.
  • GLP full-time or part-time teachers now conduct computer classes. Moreover, classes on arts and crafts and tailoring and sewing are regularly being held.
  • By now, some of experienced GLP teachers have become trainers themselves.

Parental and community involvement

  • Involving parents and community in school activity is a relatively new approach in Bangladesh which GLP schools have successfully integrated.
  • Parents-teachers meetings are regularly held where teachers share the academic progress of each student and/or any other pertinent concerns. By now, parents are in the habit of informing teachers when their children are sick and unable to attend school. Through these meetings, parents are also encouraged to motivate their children to study and perform well in their exams.
  • As the headmasters and teachers are from the local community they maintain regular communication with parents. They also serve as role models for students.

Health and hygiene

  • Two nurses visited each school every other week to check up on students while providing some basic medication and care as required. They also went to the slums and assist the families where needed.
  • Students and parents were taught about cleanliness and personal hygiene, as well as childhood diseases and the need of immunization. Issues such as prevention of diarrhea, safe drinking water and the importance of using sanitary latrines were also covered.
  • Moreover, awareness raising initiatives as to the evils of early marriage had been conducted.
  • All GLP students received a banana a day and a glass of milk twice a week. Each student received one set of school uniform.

Key Events

  • GLP-ActivityThroughout 2013 the GLP schools celebrated the International Mother Language Day (21 February), International Women’s Day (8 March), Independence Day (26 March), Mothers day, World Environment Day (5 June) and others. Cultural programmes, painting competition and discussion were organised to mark the occasions.
  • On 15 February, the annual school outing took place at the National Zoo where students had the opportunity to witness many animals, reptiles, birds and other creatures from across the world. A bus was rented to transport the children from both schools and the children had breakfast, lunch, fruits, snacks and drinks. The day-long trip ended at 1530 hours.
  • On 24 March, a group of students from the GLP-2 school visited Nandan Park, one of the biggest amusement parks in Bangladesh. Children enjoyed different rides there, had breakfast and lunch there. They also received gifts. The entire trip was sponsored by the British Women Association in Dhaka.
  • As part of an exchange programme with Streetwisee children, every Tuesday, a group of GLP students from grade II and III visited the Home of the Streetwise children. Together they read books, played computer and other games, performed songs, and had arts and crafts sessions. This allowed the GLP students to interact with other kids of their own age and learn from them.
  • On 11 December, GLP year end party was held where the kids performed dances, songs and skits. Following the cultural presentations, the children were given their reports and a gift pack containing juice, biscuits, toothbrush and toothpaste and a cake of soap. Juice packs were donated by PRAN Group, toothbrushes etc by Unilever and biscuits by Olympic industries (+photos]
  • Rotary Club of Dhaka, Burriganga has selected one of the GLP schools to conduct their pilot Computer Literacy Project .They plan to create an institution to impart computer literacy to the youth in collaboration with GLP Schools.
  • Visitors from abroad to the GLP schools has resulted in a greater awareness of GLP , donations and GLP being selected as the nominated charity for their institution.